Hao Cool is a professional refrigeration equipment manufacturer. Our company has collaborated with many world-renowned brands, including Bitzer, Emerson, FRASCOLD, RefComp etc. Currently, we have a product in production that uses Taiwan Fusheng devices.

Seen here is Hao Cool’s cold storage panel manufacturing base, where we produce insulation boards, cold storage panels, cold storage doors, manual hook panels and plug boards. Our annual production capacity reaches approximately 150,000 square meters.

The floor insulation board we supply is ideal for use in cold rooms. It is manufactured from high-strength XPS (short for extruded polystyrene) sheets, which means the product can work normally even at -60 degrees Celsius.

The cold storage door offers a choice of stainless steel and color-coated steel sheet as required. It is sorted into several groups, such as high-speed roll up doors, electric sliding doors, manual sliding doors and controlled-atmosphere doors, among others. The maximum allowable door size can reach 4 x 4 m.

Hao Cool can undertake an entire cold room steel structure construction project, depending on the scale of the engineering design. After prefabrication has been completed in our country, this product will be sent to the customer’s site and ready for assembly.

The electrical control system which is offered by Hao Cool has the capability to meet the requirements of a whole project. It operates with stable and reliable electrical elements. It also comes with a PLC (short for programmable logic controller) system as well as a user interface which is based on the user’s language.

Hao Cool sells a wide variety of display cases, including: supermarket refrigerated display cases, fruit and vegetable refrigeration cabinets, fridges, vertical refrigerated display cases, cabinet freezers, wine coolers, quick-freezing cabinets and so forth.

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