Refrigeration Equipment

Hao Cool is a professional refrigeration equipment manufacturer. Our company has collaborated with many world-renowned brands, including Bitzer, Emerson, FRASCOLD, RefComp etc. Currently, we have a product in production that uses Taiwan Fusheng devices.

This machine possesses a single head, and that machine has a dual paralleled head. Currently our company has achieved both CE and ISO9001 quality management system certifications. Please notice that this is a miniature top-discharge integrated refrigeration machine which has been exclusively designed for small cold storage rooms. Today, this product has become a bestseller in China and Southeast Asian countries. Next, let’s take a closer look at our box type integrated Refrigeration units with a capacity of up to 500 tons. It is small, compact, with high quality and low-price ratio. We can produce a wide range of refrigeration machines for logistics applications, from small to large refrigeration systems all the way up to meeting the most demanding clients’ cold rooms requirement with our 100,000-ton product.

Featured here is a machine which supplies a cold room with our 30,000 tons product. It uses four 160hp Hanbell screw compressors which are connected in parallel. All of the controls and valves we use are sourced from well-known, dependable brands, making our products technologically advanced, energy-efficient, practical and cost-effective. We conduct standardized equipment processing which greatly satisfies our clients.

Refrigeration Equipment
  • Refrigeration unit production workshop
  • Storage of spare parts
  • Operation of pipe bender
  • Bitzer screw parallel refrigeration unit

We are well capitalized with a total investment of at most 10 billion USD. We supply a full range of equipment for cold storage projects. As an EPC (short for engineering, procurement and construction) contractor, the company offers project consultation, project design, refrigeration equipment production and procurement, onsite construction management and after-sales services for cold storage rooms in industries such as food, logistics, medicine and so forth.

  • Top view of welding of refrigeration units
  • Assembly of refrigeration units
  • Production of chillers

Hao Cool has more than 50 production plants in China for supplying relevant products for the entire cold storage project. The relevant products contain necessary construction materials, insulation materials, doors, refrigeration equipment, electrical equipment, lighting equipment and monitoring equipment, etc.

  • Assembly of refrigeration equipment
  • Assembly of refrigeration unit

Hao Cool has a refrigeration unit production plant for professional manufacturing of refrigeration equipment. The dual-head refrigeration equipment which is assembled is from Taiwan Fusheng.

  • Assembled refrigeration units
  • Close view of the rear of refrigeration unit

Close view of refrigeration unit

The 30,000-ton refrigeration equipment adopts four 160-horsepower HANBELL screw compressors which are connected in parallel. All of the controls and valves we use are purchased from famous brands, thus making our products technologically advanced, energy-efficient, practical and cost-effective. We carry out a standardized, modular and intelligent equipment production process, which helps our users save on costs.

  • Refrigeration unit with air bellows
  • Bitzer screw parallel refrigeration unit
  • 4FE-28Y Bitzer compressor
  • 6CTE-50K Bitzer compressor

The refrigeration units we produce can meet be used in the cold storage projects which has a refrigeration capacity of less than 50,000 tons. We have worked in collaboration with many world-renowned brands, including Bizer, Emerson, Fshaocold and RefComp, etc.

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